Friday, June 20, 2008

Defending freedom to abuse

I wonder if we can move the freaks in NAMBLA in to Afghanistan? Sounds like they would love it! Plus, it would get them away from OUR kids! Just don't let them return...

Sick freaks...

Defending freedom to abuse: "Man-boy homosexuality has flourished anew in the aftermath of Taliban zero-tolerance laws, albeit a selectively punished offence in that era. Warlords again parade cities with teenage boys known as an 'ashna' by their side.

The strict social separation and severe consequences for premarital sex with women have given rise to the cultural wrinkle of men used for sexual recreation and women reserved for reproduction.

But that hardly makes it right when Afghan boys are police rape victims.

And it's a wrong that Canadian soldiers should be encouraged to report so that Afghan officers being trained in law enforcement can be pressured to stop it themselves."

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