Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cold wars at sea - April 2008

China is a growing threat at sea and in Cyber space. A war with material might be forced by politics to be off the table, but why are they still allowed massive computers? Those super computers that the Clintons gave China back in the 1990s are being put to good use against our country! I hope they are proud.

ARMED FORCES JOURNAL - Cold wars at sea - April 2008: "It might be tempting to dismiss the U.S. Navy’s potential focus on China as a passing fad — part of the now-familiar phenomena of “China fever.” Another perspective holds that this focus can best be explained by a simple case of enemy deprivation syndrome. While there is a kernel of truth in both of these intellectual approaches, facts on, above and especially under the water increasingly belie these conclusions and demand serious attention from American strategists.

China has launched more than 36 new submarines since 1995 — far outpacing U.S. intelligence estimates from a decade ago. Additionally, supersonic indigenous cruise missiles, rumored development of an anti-ship ballistic missile, dynamic mine warfare and amphibious warfare programs, invigorated aerial maritime strike capabilities, as well as a variety of new, sleek and modern surface combatants, suggest a broad front effort by the People’s Liberation Army Navy.

The U.S. Navy, in partnership with the Marine Corps and Coast Guard, unveiled the new Maritime Strategy in October, but this document makes no mention of China and its dynamic naval development. This does not mean that the Navy can or should “set aside” the China question. Some informed critics have questioned whether the Navy was being honest with itself in considering the scope of"

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