Sunday, June 15, 2008

Korea: Northern Troops Are Farming, Not Training

north Korea is a cess pit of corruption, which survives by blackmailing other countries with missile attacks. This is a couple of weeks old and the South Koreans have decided to send 50,000 tons on food to the North. Even a weak threat like this is enough to get the Leftists who run the bureaucracies of most Western-style countries to cave in. Dropping a lot of food in airdrops with radios and other Western luxuries would be even better to get those people to finally revolt against their thuggish masters.

Korea: Northern Troops Are Farming, Not Training: "May 31, 2008: North Korea fired three missiles, to protest the refusal of South Korea and its allies to supply free oil and food. North Korea is also upset over religious and North Korean refugee groups sending balloons across the DMZ (with portable radios, bibles, food, etc). North Korea does not like the new, more conservative South Korean government either, which is less eager to give in to North Korean demands. The missiles used were decades old Styx anti-ship missiles. This 1950s design was produced in large quantities by North Korea before the Cold War ended, and there are over a hundred of these elderly missiles that could be fired before they become too old to be used. Which is what the North Koreans do periodically."

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