Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Attrition: The Terrorist Death Rate

I love that the deaths are hitting rock bottom. We are not fighting in war zones, we are working in barbarian lands where some people are fighting against civilization and modernization. The wars are over, in general, and this article points that out excellently.

Attrition: The Terrorist Death Rate: "In Afghanistan, the death rate for civilians, mostly from Taliban violence, has been 6-7 dead per 100,000 people, in the last two years. But just like Iraq, the media concentrates mainly on the incidents of violence, and not the pattern and overall intensity.

American military losses are also way down in Iraq. In September, 25 U.S. troops died, but most (two-thirds) of those were from accidents and disease. During the last five months, U.S. deaths in Iraqi have averaged about 23 a month, with less than half of them because of combat."

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