Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pakistan tribes raze Taliban houses after bombing

This is an interesting article for two reasons.

First, the Pakistani tribes are finally getting tired of the terrorists. About time! It is one thing to believe in the fundamental Islam, but killing each other because they do not like the way the other wants to run things is not the way to prove friendship. Islam can have multiple faces without having to kill all the minor variations.

Second, Reuters is reporting this and finding nothing in this to blame on Bush or America? What am I missing?

Pakistan tribes raze Taliban houses after bombing | International | Reuters: "Pakistani tribesmen exchanged fire with Taliban militants and destroyed their houses in a northwestern tribal region after a suicide attack killed at least 50 people, residents and officials said on Saturday.

Television channels put the death toll at as high as 80.

The bomber detonated a car loaded with explosives in the middle of a tribal council meeting in Orakzai region on Friday where hundreds of tribesmen were discussing a government-backed plan to raise a lashkar or tribal militia to evict militants.

Pakistan's tribal areas on the Afghan border are regarded as safe havens for al Qaeda and Taliban militants, and the government is under pressure from the United States to take stern action to stem the flow of insurgents to Afghanistan."

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