Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mystery "Death Ship" Released From Somalian Pirates

I am completely unable to argue with this gentleman about his conclusions. If this ship is not inspected on the high seas for the trail of noxious waste that is falling into the sea from it, that might be almost criminal.

Information Dissemination: Mystery "Death Ship" Released From Somalian Pirates: "Mystery 'Death Ship' Released From Somalian Pirates

Lets see if anyone is interested enough to investigate the strange rumors we have heard. The MV Iran Dianat (also spelled Deyanat) has been released.

On August 21, the pirates seized the Iranian bulk carrier, carrying 42,500 tons of minerals and industrial products.

'The ship Dianat was released on Friday morning after even weeks of negotiations with Somali pirates and all 29 members of the crew are safe,' Said public relations office of the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line (IRISL).

The ship is sailing towards international waters, IRISL added.

From a public health perspective alone, this ship should be inspected. When major mainstream media like Reuters runs a media report that something hazardous enough is on the ship to kill people upon minor exposure, and the ship has direct ties to the Iran Revolutionary Guard, doing nothing sends the wrong message."

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