Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Utah Residents Protest Sex Offender Treatment Facility Near Daycare Center

I have a special disgust for sex offenders. Especially ones who might harm kids. Putting these freaks near the kids is just horribly stupid. The people who put them there should be beat and the sex offenders should be hung. At least 80% of them are forever too dangerous to remain around my family and friends. If they have to be set free, or kept alive, send them to California. Especially San Francisco where they can meet other freaks and blend into a semblance of society.

If they are found in most of America they should be beaten and sent back. Perverted freaks. - Utah Residents Protest Sex Offender Treatment Facility Near Daycare Center - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News: "Dozens of Pleasant Grove residents protested a zoning law that allows for sex offender rehabilitation centers in some neighborhoods.

Residents of the Utah County town submitted a 2-inch stack of signed petitions to the city council Tuesday and said they don't want a rehabilitation center set up near a childcare center.

Alliance Youth Services wants to set up a sex-offender rehabilitation center in the town about 300 feet away from the childcare center.

'They are putting youth who have been convicted of sexual crimes in the backyard of children, literally,' Pleasant Grove resident David Lisonbee told the council and city staff.

Residents claim the company misrepresented which offenders would be housed in the proposed facility, omitting the severity of the crimes and the potential risk factor for the community."

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