Thursday, October 09, 2008

Geronimo, Colonel Murphy

A True Hero has moved on. I will pray for your family and your soul.

BLACKFIVE: Geronimo, Colonel Murphy: "...One pathfinder job was to mark the drop zones for the paratroopers to follow. 'Bob was the first on the ground and the last to leave,' Nightingale said.

Mr. Murphy's role as paratrooper in the Normandy landing is depicted in Cornelius Ryan's book 'The Longest Day' and the film based on it, as well as in Mr. Murphy's own book, 'No Better Place to Die.'

Mr. Murphy, who retired from the Army as a highly decorated colonel and became a Boston lawyer and state assistant attorney general, died of cancer at Cape Cod Hospital on Oct. 3. He was 83 and had lived in South Dennis and Bonita Springs, Fla..."

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