Thursday, October 09, 2008

Netanyahu's peace plan

Those "Evil Jews!" want to help the Pallys get jobs and security? How horrible! It would be much better to just die like the children of pigs and monkeys!

What is wrong with Leftists? I know what they are going to say about a topic just by banging my head on a wall and spouting the first nonsense that pops out. If I think about a topic, then I can't figure them out at all! This article is horribly slanted, even with the good quotes. Go read it with an open mind.

Elder of Ziyon: Netanyahu's peace plan: "The ancient town of Jericho, for instance, should capitalise on its proximity to the Jordan River to attract Baptist tourists from the US – a location which the hawkish leader of the Israeli opposition says is “easily worth tens of thousands of jobs”.

The Palestinians, Mr Netanyahu adds, would be allowed to hold on to their population centres. Other parts of the West Bank, such as the Judean desert and the Jordan Valley, should not leave Israeli control: “These areas are very significant for us because they are our strategic security belt,” he says.

Mr Netanyahu says he does not want to stop the current peace talks between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority. But he would shift the emphasis away from a comprehensive settlement aimed at the creation of a Palestinian state towards practical steps designed to bolster living standards in the West Bank. “It is not so much that peace brings prosperity – it is that prosperity brings peace,” he says.

Such hawkish views, which run counter to current Israeli policy, infuriate Palestinian leaders, who reject Mr Netanyahu’s plan as an attempt to confine them into Bantustans – partially self-governing areas."

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