Monday, October 06, 2008

Back and gathering my thoughts

I have been swamped and travelling a lot, so here is my attempt to get caught up on some of what I have missed. Normally, I just click on an article and post it, but I want to get a lot of stuff in and try something new. I am even looking at transfering this blog to its own site. Anyone want to help?
How did the United States get to the stage where politicians decided it was necessary to scare the taxpayers into forking over $700 billion to purchase assets the private sector wouldn't touch? So far neither Democrats nor Republicans have shown interest in examining a major factor in the mortgage lending mess - federal government policies which, taken together with pressure from left-wing activist groups, eroded credit requirements to make mortgages available to people who could not possibly pay them back, including some who were illegally in the United States.
"I don't understand why that would not be a viable option," he said.

Urbina is scheduled to hold a hearing Tuesday that will examine whether he has the power to order the release of at least five of the Uighurs. Their attorneys have filed court papers asking Urbina to also consider releasing 12 other Uighurs who remain in custody.

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