Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Counter-Terrorism: Sunni Arabs Surrender

Very cool! I love to read things like this and learn a little more of the background of the reason the Surge worked so well.

Counter-Terrorism: Sunni Arabs Surrender: "The U.S. Army has angered many Kurds and Shia Arabs by protecting Sunni Arabs, and siding with them in property disputes (when the Sunni Arabs were in the right). This sort of thing has made Sunni Arabs more willing to work with American troops in hunting down Sunni Arab terrorists. The Iraqi Sunni Arabs still hate the Americans for invading, and ending the sweet deal (mainly possession of most of the oil revenue) the Sunni Arabs had enjoyed for so long. But after five years of getting killed by Americans, Kurds and Shia Arabs, the Iraqi Sunni Arabs are just looking for some security. Living as exiles only works if you are one of the senior Saddam cronies who had managed to open a foreign bank accounts, and stock it with stolen cash. For most Iraqi Sunni Arabs that fled, the future is bleak, unless they can come home. The U.S. promises to make that possible, if a little cooperation in the counter-terrorism department is provided. It's an offer many Iraqi Sunni Arabs cannot refuse, especially since none of the majority Sunni Arab countries in the region are willing to go out of their way to help."

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