Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Marines Learn How To Hunt

Very interesting! Warfare is going full circle since the ancients started all this.

Semper Fi, guys!

Infantry: Marines Learn How To Hunt: "The U.S. Marine Corps has added hunting skills to its combat training. You'd think this would already be a standard feature of infantry training, but the need to master lots of new tech had pushed it out. However, noting that in Iraq and Afghanistan, the enemy tried to remain hidden in plain sight (often among civilians), and then set up a bomb or just (more frequently) get off a few shots and run away, the marines sought methods that would make it easier to spot these irregulars, and quickly hunt them down. So the marines called in some professional hunters and quickly developed a training course that emphasized observation and deduction. That's what hunting is mostly about, spotting the prey first, and knowing where to position yourself to do that. Hunting irregular fighters turns out to be much the same. Over the last few thousand years, armies have gotten away from this hunting aspect of warfare. But the first 'soldiers' were simply good hunters now going after different game."

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