Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Pakistan: US military trainers arrive

Darn! I liked the other report about Blackwater trainers, but this works too. I guess the former spy master was making a big splash in the headlines with 'misinformation'. I wonder if he works with the Clintons?

AKI - Adnkronos international Pakistan: US military trainers arrive: "Military experts from the United States have started arriving in Pakistan in order to provide counter insurgency training to the Pakistani military, diplomatic sources told the Pakistani daily Dawn.

Pakistan has rejected repeated US requests to embed American military personnel with its troops in the tribal areas, according to the sources. They said that 'less than a hundred' US military experts have started arriving to train the military's Frontier Corps.

The sources insisted that no US military personnel will participate in combat operations against insurgents in the tribal areas.

According to these sources, Pakistan has thus far resisted direct US involvement with its forces.

“Pakistan has even rejected the suggestion to embed US military personnel as liaison officers with its troops in the tribal areas,” said a diplomatic source. “The Pakistanis insist that it is a bad idea and may backfire.”

The US trainers now arriving in Pakistan will focus on the Frontier Corps, a force of about 8,500 soldiers drawn from various Pakhtun tribes.

The trainers are expected to be in Pakistan for up to two years."

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