Thursday, March 06, 2008

Why the French spot terrorists better than Americans

The French are getting better tech than the Americans? Yikes!

Why the French spot terrorists better than Americans from Law Enforcement Technology at "Since 9/11, there have been many civil rights-related questions raised about video surveillance. What has been discussed less frequently is the actual quality of the video displayed and recorded; a simple question might be posed: 'Why do even the most basic cell phone cameras capture higher resolution images than the average video surveillance system?'

The answer, in part, is that while just about everything else in the world is becoming digital, the world of video surveillance has largely remained analog. IP (digital) video surveillance technology is readily available and cost effective, but has not been deployed in the most obvious of arenas — public safety. Not only are analog video surveillance images less clear than digital video, and therefore less useful, but analog cameras lack the functionality and intelligence of digital cameras. They see less detail, store less detail, and lack the ability to analyze or send alerts when a suspicious event is spotted."

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