Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ward Violated Bail, Lied To Feds

No way can I believe that an honest upstanding Leftist would ever lie or abuse children. Never happens! Only Right Wing racists do those kind of things. Bernie Ward is clearly being set up by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to make him look even worse than Alex Baldwin! Oh, he is a Leftist... Ok, then - worse than Clinton! Oh... Umm.... How about that Congressman who played footsie in the bathroom? Wasn't he a Right Winger? Yeah!

Bernie Ward's Child Porn is not as bad as playing footsie in the bathroom! Child Porn is not as bad as gay sex!

( To my gay friends: That is sarcasm. MOST of you recognize it, but just in case, I thought I would point out the stupidity of this. )

Ward Violated Bail, Lied To Feds - March 5, 2008: "The San Francisco radio host facing child pornography charges lied to federal officials about his whereabouts after investigators recently received an alert that he had violated his 'electronic monitoring schedule.' Bernard Ward's bail violations are mentioned in a February 28 'status memorandum' sent by a pretrial services officer to Judge Maria Elena James (the memo provided James with an account of Ward's first months under electronic monitoring). The document, a copy of which you'll find below, does not describe where Ward, 56, went on December 21, when officials discovered his bail violation. During a subsequent court hearing, Ward admitted the monitoring violation and acknowledged giving 'false information to Pretrial Services regarding his whereabouts' when first confronted by federal agents. The government memo notes that Ward was 'strongly admonished' by James, who did not revoke his $250,000 bail package"

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