Thursday, March 06, 2008

An 80-year-old Ahmadi man arrested for blasphemy

Sounds like Islamic harassment to me. I do like the interesting visual of the 80 year old guy running away from a 20 year old! HA!

PAKISTAN An 80-year-old Ahmadi man arrested for blasphemy - Asia News: "According to police, a student saw Altaf Husain rip pages out of a Qur‘an last Monday and throw them on the ground. When he shouted at him to stop, the old Ahmadi ran off.

Conversely, members of the Ahmadi community said that Altaf Husain was just reading the power meter outside his home when a madrassa student warned him that he was stepping on a page of the Qur‘an. The 80-year-old man failed to understand what the boy was saying when the latter began shouting, accusing him of blasphemy. Police arrived soon after and arrested the alleged offender."

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