Monday, March 03, 2008

Tehran is trying to sabotage anti-al-Qaeda groups

The Left will ignore this because it is bad news for the terrorists, even though it is also bad news for the US military and President Bush. Bomb the snot out of the Iranian intelligence building and send in some Marines to ensure that the job is done right.

AKI - Adnkronos international Iraq: Tehran is trying to sabotage anti-al-Qaeda groups, says US military spokesman: "US military spokesman Adm Gregory Smith said that 'the American military recently obtained confessions from detainees who are members of the Al-Quds Brigade and other Shia group who have been arrested in various parts of Iraq, who said that they were assigned to carry out armed operations to kill the leaders and the members of the Awakening Councils, in order to destroy this experiment.'

Smith said that 'the American forces have arrested 14 Iranians who represented a danger to the security of Iraq,' without giving any other details.

The head of Iraqi intelligence, Muhammad Abdallah al-Shahwani declared a few days ago that elements of Iranian secret services planned to sabotage the Awakening Council project.

Al-Shahwani urged the Iraqi security apparatus to 'follow suspicious activities and to collect all the information and clues provided by citizens, treating this with total secrecy and professionally in the interest of the country.'

The US forces began arming Sunni tribes in the province of al-Anbar last year, creating the Awakening Councils, which were aimed at hunting down and driving out al-Qaeda members."

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