Sunday, March 02, 2008

Escalation in Southern Israel

The Israeli government has finally found a line that Hamas is NOT allowed to cross! About time. Too bad it is not the poor residents of Sderot, but this is a start. Until Hamas gives up the terror campaign, seal them in. If Egypt can't keep them sealed at that end, then let the Gazans run free in Egypt to blow things up. That might finally outrage people.

Collactive: - Escalation in Southern Israel: "Six people were wounded in Ashkelon on Saturday, after one rocket landed next to City Hall and another in the marina area. Another rocket struck Ashkelon on Sunday. One person was slightly wounded, medics said.

Ashkelon's mayor said he was willing to sacrifice his residents' sense of security for the short run, but would not accept the rockets becoming a normal reality.

'This is a state of war, I know no other definition for it,' said Roni Mahatzri, from his makeshift office in an underground bunker. 'If it lasts a week or two, we can handle that, but we have no intention of allowing this to become part of our daily routine.'

That seemed to be the major concern for most residents.

'We will not turn into Sderot,' Shimoni said, referring to the town that has suffered most of the rocket attacks over the past seven years. The rockets have killed 13 people, wounded dozens more, caused millions of dollars in damage and made daily life unbearable."

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