Thursday, March 06, 2008

Left Wing bombers on both coasts

Two articles, two bombers, two coasts, one day. What are the odds? I know that the Left blame the Right for every gun shot that happens, so why are the majority of bombers from the Left? What happens when a Leftist who hates guns, and most other things, gets mad? They build bombs. This is a field of study that I have not explored much, but will study for the near future. Just to see if this theory has anything to it.

You think I might be on to something?

one thing that stood out, besides the political angle, was that the dorm in Davis was evacuated at 9pm, but the bomb squad had to sit on its hands until the morning because no judge could be awoken to allow the bomb team in. Why? What a waste of time for all involved! What would have happened if these had been armed bombs and they blew apart the dorms? Would that have been better? Idiots. More California Liberal Idiot Thinkers (CLITs) - UC Davis Student in Custody After Explosives Found in Dorm - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News: "UC Davis Student in Custody After Explosives Found in Dorm"
A spokesman for the UC Davis Fire Department says 400 students in eight dormitory buildings were evacuated around 9 p.m. last night after getting a report from a woman who reported students with possible explosive devices in a room.

A bomb ordinance team was sent in to assess the room where the explosives were found this morning.

Authorities say the bomb team was not able to go in until this morning because a search warrant had to be obtained

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg: Military Apparent Target of Times Square Blast

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said a blast that shook Times Square and disrupted transit Thursday appears to have deliberately targeted the military recruiting center where it went off.

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