Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Irish Terrorism Goes Islamic

I pity the Irish if this is true. They finally finish the Troubles and now the violence of Islamic fundamentalism washes up on their shores. I was thinking it would be nice to move their until I read this. Pity.

Counter-Terrorism: Irish Terrorism Goes Islamic: "Irish Terrorism Goes Islamic
March 5, 2008: Britain's MI-5 (domestic intelligence service) has expanded its operations in the neighboring Irish Republic, after increased al Qaeda, and Islamic radical, activity was detected. Three Afghan men were recently arrested, in a room full of bomb making materials. There are dozens of similar suspects under surveillance. For the last three decades, Ireland and Britain have cooperated on domestic security issues, initially because of a mutual need to keep an eye on the IRA (Irish Republican Army) terrorists. The IRA has devolved into a criminal gang, but al Qaeda, and other Islamic radical groups have found Ireland a convenient place to hide out and plan their next atrocity. The Irish economy has been booming for the last decade, and suffering an ongoing labor shortage. If Islamic radicals can slip into the country, they can find work, and cover in the many immigrant neighborhoods. MI-5 has used its more extensive databases and capabilities to help the Irish counter-terrorism police identify potential terrorist cells.

There have been no Islamic terrorist attacks in Ireland yet, but the latest arrests indicate that it's only a matter of time."

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