Monday, March 03, 2008

The Europeans Have Other Priorities

Yes they do! The Europeans don't care about anything except their government checks, and the War is ruining the welfare system. Terrorists might blow up a few people here and there, but cheap heroin is good for morale with the proles. Correct, tovarisch?

The Europeans Have Other Priorities: "A particularly cold Winter has shut down most Taliban and al Qaeda combat operations. The bad weather has killed nearly a thousand people so far, and injured thousands more with frostbite and disease. The Islamic terrorists are spending this time to get ready for more combat. That can be dangerous, as five Taliban terrorists were killed in southern Afghanistan this week, when a bomb they were assembling went off. The leader here was a local cleric, who died along with two of his sons. While religious zeal plays a role in the Taliban violence, a lot more of it is about tribal rivalry and money. The opium/heroin trade is bringing in unprecedented (for Afghanistan) amounts of money, and the drug gangs see the Taliban as more hospitable than the government and their foreign allies. The drug gangs pay a protection 'tax' to the local Taliban, who then go fight the police army and foreign troops, in order to protect the drug production (poppy growing, chemical processing of the crop into opium or heroin, and smuggling most of that out of the country.)"

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